Investor Mission

At the heart of C & C Development Solutions’ success is Kenny Roundtree. He brings to C & C the business skills necessary to manage property, tenants and investors. What pulls all that together is his idealism — a mission to restore neglected south and southeast Greensboro neighborhoods. He has proven that a win/win can exist for those who invest and manage these residential properties, as well as those who live in them.  Urban blight is inexcusable and unnecessary.  See the Gallery page to see the quality of C & C renovations.

Property Management and Investor Relations

Specializing in identifying residential properties (Multifamily, Single Family) in East Greensboro, that have suffered from years of neglect, uplifting those properties to provide quality housing for the residential community. Combining a unique understanding of real estate finance, acquisition and structuring to assist clients in crafting innovative solutions to bring each transaction to a successful close. To date, C & C has generated weighted average returns that exceed 14% for the investment community.

Property Management 1990 -Present

  • Twenty-five years of investing and property management.
  • Responsible for placing into operation 214 housing and apartment units in East Greensboro
  • Over 30% of the units are occupied by clients receiving section 8.
    • Understands the Section 8 process regarding approval and inspection procedures.
  •  Average vacancy rates: < 5%.
  • Low eviction rates.
  • Possesses the highest market rate rents (out of over 700 multi-family units) for one and two bedroom apartments in East Greensboro.
  • Familiar in working with clients with credit issues.
  • Cited in the News and Record as a top landlord in the city of Greensboro.

Investors 1990 – Present

  • Offers what a traditional property manager provides with additional skill sets for investors.
  • Secured and closed over $8M in real estate assets.
  • Producing complete and comprehensive pro-forma statements that include a breakdown of all necessary repairs and time to completion.
  • Providing the expertise in managing repairs of projects.
    • Securing contractors and carpenters for repairs.
    • Working with engineers for the development of site plans.
    •  Working with city officials to ensure building and parking compliance.
  • Producing comprehensive monthly management statements, net operating income statements and ROI statements that will provide a complete picture for the investor.
  • Working with lending institutions on what their needs are from the investment community.
  • Forms the necessary legal entities (LLCs) and operating agreements to properly run the project.
  • Works closely with CPAs, to ensure all filings are properly completed and K-1’s are distributed to investors.

Professional Organizations

• Board Member of the Greensboro Housing Coalition 2007 – 2011.
• Board Member of the Triad Real Estate Investment Association 2012 – 2017.
• President of Triad Real Estate Investment Association 2014 – 2016.